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Join us for a special Seed-to-Vase Workshop! In this unique three class workshop, you will learn techniques for seed starting, seedling planting, and cutting fresh blooms for flower arrangements. In these three classes we will guide you through the steps of the entire process, from start to finish. The completion of the workshop will include a freshly picked and arranged bouquet, all starting from the seeds you planted and cultivated! 



March 16th: Seed Starting

In this class you’ll learn all about our techniques for seed starting. We’ll cover topics including dirt selection, ideal seed germination conditions, and watering practices.


April 20th: Planting in the Field

This is the class we get to play in the dirt! You will take the seedlings from those seeds you started in March and plant them out in our field to grow into beautiful blooms! As we plant we’ll be discussing transplanting techniques, weed prevention, and pest control.


June 8th: Field to Vase

The last class is our traditional Field-to-Vase class with a special twist! Instead of picking and arranging flowers that were already planted, you’ll get to harvest flowers from the plants that you cultivated throughout the first two classes, making this experience full circle! All while learning about bloom selection and bouquet arranging. 


This is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with a friend or come alone and make new friends over the course of three classes, while creating lasting memories and learning new skills!


There will be light snacks and drinks provided for all three classes.

Seed to Vase - A Three Part Workshop

  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours

    Materials Provided: All necessary materials, including seeds, gloves, vase, and other tools, will be provided.

    Dates: Saturday, March 16th, starting at 10 AM

    Saturday, April 20th, starting at 10 AM

    Saturday, June 8th, starting at 10 AM

    (This event is rain or shine.  In the event of rain, the field portion of the event will be limited or canceled.) 

  • What should I wear?

    You need to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty! We will be walking through the flower field and sometimes it's muddy! Pay attention to what the weather will be the day of the event. We will be both outside in the flower field and inside our design studio.  Our design studio doesn’t have heat or air conditioning. You know your body best so wear something that is comfortable for you!

    What happens in the event of rain?

    This event is rain or shine.  Depending on the rain the field portion of the event will be limited or canceled. 

    What is the schedule for the classes?

    The classes will start in the design studio with introductions and going over that day’s materials. When we’re in the flower field we will go over the different varieties of flowers we grow on the farm. As we finish our project for the day there will be light snacks and drinks.  

    What all is included in the classes?

    All materials that you need will be provided for that day's class. Light snacks, and drinks will also be served.

    Will there be access to a bathroom?

    You will have access to a small bathroom in the design studio. 

    Are there bees?

    We do have honey bees on the farm.  Their hives are NOT located near the flower field, but we share our flower field with a variety of bees and other pollinators. 

    Any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

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