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how we got here

C.F. Farms owners

Starting C.F. Farms had been a dream of ours for a while.

After moving out to the country and settling into our new home we realized we wanted to spend more time on the farm. As we began adding to our little operation, first with bees, then chickens, we found that each new addition brought with it a new sense of happiness, so we began brainstorming ways we could invite others to share in our experience. That’s how the idea of C.F. Farms was born.

We feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we’re passionate about, all while sharing the beauty and bounty of the farm to our wonderful local community. For more information, have a look around our website and

get in touch!

Farm owners - C.F. Farms

get to know us...

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Jillian is a teacher at heart. Teaching in the North Carolina Public Education system for over a decade, she finds joy in helping others reach their full potential. While education remains an important part of her life, she has grown to love the challenges and rewards that the farm provides. After a long day,  she enjoys unwinding on the farm. Picking flowers in the field, checking the garden, and of course animal cuddles are some of her go-to stress relievers.

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Even though he currently works as an engineer, Eric's true passion is in farming. While he resisted it during his teenage years, as an adult he quickly realized farming is in his blood. He comes from a long line of cattle farmers and welcomes the hard work that the farm requires. Challenges are always met head on and are thought of as new adventures. On the tractor, taking care of the animals, or just simply being outside is when Eric is at his happiest.

other friendly faces around the farm...


Our little farmhand! He’s always ready for an outdoor adventure, especially if it involves a trip to the field on his tractor. Always eager to lend a helping hand, he loves tackling all the farm tasks with us. Whether it’s planting with momma or riding the tractor with dada, Ellis is ready to go! Sometimes it makes the task a little slower but it’s always more fun having those two little helping hands with us!



The wannabe farm cat! Every good farm needs to have one, right? This girl gives us endless laughs. She’s not the most graceful despite her middle name, and her curious ways have gotten her into a tight spot a time or two, but after a long day her sweetness is just what we need.

Ellum Grace - C.F. Farms


She’s the teddy bear of the farm.  She’s the first to come running and demand, with her very audible clucks, to be picked up and loved on. Her sweet, cuddly personality always shines through.

Tallulah Rae - C.F. Farms


Dixon was originally named Dixie. This was back when we thought our “he” was a “she”. We’d ordered all females, so we were in denial for a long time that our hen was turning into a rooster.  When we were finally ready to admit it, Dixie became Dixon. He grew into the most beautiful rooster, is the protector of the flock, and never hesitates to fill the air with sound.

Dixon Haze - C.F. Farms


Buffy’s a swinger. No, not that kind! Every morning when we get up she’s the one sitting on the swing waiting for us. She's learned this gets her closer to any treats that might be handed out. The other girls will occasionally give it a shot, but Buffy is certainly queen of the swing.

Buffy Ann - C.F. Farms


Nola’s our shy one with a sweet, gentle personality. She likes to be near us, just so long as we don’t try to touch her. She’s happy to follow us around, but if we try to pet her she’ll make sure she’s juuust out of reach.

Nola Rola - C.F. Farms


This girl loves her treats! She’s the first to come running if there’s any sign of something special being handed out. She’s also a jumper. When she sees us walking towards the coop excitement gets the best of her and she’ll start hopping up and down. Who knew chickens had such a good vertical?

Magnolia Mae - C.F. Farms


She’s our smallest girl and lays the most beautiful blue eggs. Fancy’s a tough hen to figure out. She’s not at the top of the pecking order, but she can certainly hold her own. It’s also not uncommon for her to be away from the flock. She just does her own thing and she’s completely okay with that.

Fancy Pants - C.F. Farms
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