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specialty cut flowers

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Here at C.F. Farms, we are proud to offer fresh, organically grown specialty cut flowers straight from our field to your table.  We take time to carefully select each variety that makes it out to the field, while providing a rich organic growing environment from sow to harvest.  Some of our seasonal offerings include favorites such as anemones, dahlias, ranunculus, sunflowers, foxglove, and zinnias, just to name a few.

With honey bees on the farm as well, cultivating cut flowers is a harmonious fit. Not only does the flower field provide vibrant blooms, it also helps out our friendly little pollinators. It’s a win-win that’s both sweet and beautiful!

We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what we love while creating a space for nature to flourish with her full beauty on display. During this colorful show, our blooms are harvested and available March through November. For our seasonal bouquets, we hand pick and deliver straight to you, all usually within the same day! This helps us ensure that our flowers remain as fresh and vibrant as they were when they left the field. To see our current offerings, check out our products page!

Local family farm

why buy local?

why buy local

shop local

You're supporting markets right in your own backyard! Local business is the heartbeat of a community and your support makes all the difference. We, and our fellow flower farmers, certainly appreciate it!

always fresh

Did you know the majority of flowers you find in the grocery store are shipped from overseas? By buying local, your flowers will always be as fresh as possible, giving you a longer vase life and more bang for your buck!

the blooms

The blooms in your bouquets not only look good but also help support the local bee and pollinator population. Without these little hard workers our food supply would be in big trouble. Our honey bees appreciate your support too!

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Specialty flowers from C.F. Farms
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